New Asian Fusion Cafe Opens in Mount Laurel

Trywith Cafe and Kitchen, a casual eatery offering a variety of Asian fusion dishes and bubble teas, recently opened in the building that once housed Chulicious.

This week I visited Trywith, a new casual Asian restaurant that recently opened in Mount Laurel. Below I offer a quick snapshot of what the new eatery offers diners. 

  • Trywith Cafe and Kitchen recently opened in Mount Laurel’s Village II shopping center where Chulicious used to be.
  • The cafe serves casual, counter-service-style Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and American cuisine.
  • Trywith’s menu also includes an assortment of Italian espresso drinks; bubble teas; milk teas; and fruit slushies.
  • Food is fast and entrees range from $9.50 – $18.95.
  • Free WiFi is available.

Located in Mount Laurel’s Village II shopping center, Trywith Cafe and Kitchen recently opened in the same building that once housed Chulicious. Trywith serves up Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and American fusion in a casual, counter-service setting.

I visited Trywith with my four-year-old son this past Monday, November 26. We enjoyed spicy kimchi;  edamame; steamed buns stuffed with sweet barbecue pork; Japanese pork shumai with soy dipping sauce. I had a cappuccino, and he slurped down half of a mango slushie. (The slushies are very sweet and huge, so the other half is in our freezer for him to enjoy another day.) 

Trywith Cafe's Kimchi (Mount Laurel, NJ)
Trywith’s kimchi

To drink, diners can order from a wide selection of Taiwanese-style bubble teas, milk teas, fruit slushies, and Italian espresso drinks.

Appetizers range from $2.50 – 8.00, and entrees range from $9.50 – 18.95 per plate.

The Trywith menu also includes:

  • Seaweed salad
  • Korean radish
  • Chinese garlic cold cucumbers
  • Special popcorn chicken
  • French fries
  • Chicken wings
  • Veggie bun
  • Pork bun
  • Sichuan mapo tofu over rice (I was told this one is very spicy)
  • Scrambled eggs with tomatoes
  • Three colour [sic] friends (okra with sweet peppers)
  • Chinese scallion pancake
  • Japanese crispy curry pork chops over rice
  • …and other Asian fusion dishes
Trywith’s steamed pork buns
Trywith’s steamed pork buns

We chowed down everything we ordered, and the steamed buns were particularly soft and delicious. Staff is friendly and welcoming, and the food is fast. Free wi-fi is also available. 

Trywith is likely to attract locals looking for fast, low-priced meals during lunch breaks. I imagine Trywith would be a great place to dine if your group includes a mix of people who enjoy spicier, more adventurous options as well as those who like to stick to classics like popcorn chicken and french fries.

I know we’ll be returning. 

Trywith’s shumai


1200 S Church St.

Suite 108, Mt Laurel, NJ 08054


Monday – Saturday: 10:30 am – 9:00 pm

Closed Sundays